Safe, decentralized, easy-to-use, fast, and enjoyable Cardano NFT marketplace.

Our mission is to give the community a feature-packed and easy-to-use tool to interact with their NFTs and at the same time attract people from outside of the Cardano ecosystem to join Cardano’s NFT revolution and discover its advantages.

Explore the mainnet Beta version of JAM ON BREAD, join us on social media for marketplace updates and giveaways, and help us create an even better Cardano ecosystem!
Do you have questions? No worries!
What are the fees?
0% for transactions when the listing price is 50 ADA and lower. And 2% when it's above 50 ADA. Paid by the seller.
What is the roadmap?
Many new cool features in upcoming months. Go to About us page or Project page. You can also make your suggestions.
How to buy and sell my first NFT?
Click on 'Explore' to browse through the NFT collections, select the NFT you wish to buy. Click on the BUY NOW button…
How to connect my wallet?
Click on Connect wallet, which is located in the top right corner. You'll find an option for nami, eternl, flint and nufi. Click on install…
How to list my own artwork on jamonbread?
Contact us at [email protected] to become a verified collection. In the future, unverified NFTs will also be…
Are you decentralized?
Yes, we are using state-of-art scripts to process transactions in a decentralized way. We are a non-custodial marketplace.
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