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Bennitza of Vitegrity

NFT image
Bennitza of Vitegrity
Rarity rank
TOP 17.3%
1299 / 7478
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Create your legacy in a world of magic and adventure. Massive growing community, epic artwork, full-length fantasy literature, gamified platform, and much more. Pushing boundaries in CNFT to become a household name, one step at a time. Join the Alliance.
Full metadata
  "Back": "Shovel",
  "Body": "Dress",
  "Clan": "Vitegrity",
  "Ears": "Plain",
  "Eyes": "Glitter",
  "Skin": "Green",
  "Type": "Doe",
  "name": "Bennitza of Vitegrity",
  "image": "ipfs://QmT8wBmFrXZEN46C7rtBwNFdPxd4Z6ve93fMKeRPJhdcTm",
  "Portal": "300",
  "Antlers": "Kudu",
  "Eyewear": "Aviators",
  "Faction": "Maker",
  "Special": "None",
  "mediaType": "image/png",
  "Background": "Harsh Hillands",
  "Mouth Lower": "Grin",
  "Mouth Upper": "Plain",
  "description": "An Elderworld genesis collection"