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Mekanism #0399

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Mekanism #0399
Rarity rank
TOP 27.4%
1096 / 3988
About collection
Over Exposed is a digital artwork project (NFTs) solely on the Cardano blockchain. Mekanism is a non auto-generated Over Exposed NFT collection on Cardano.The total collection size is 4,000 unique NFTs which include 10 animated 1 of 1's with sound.
Full metadata
  "name": "Mekanism #0399",
  "image": "ipfs://QmRP2q4oAZ6tNvxeWP2nVvRTe3Xz2fQXisEY6XYGZP1zjN",
  "artist": "Wren Ellis",
  "Project": "Over Exposed",
  "twitter": "https://www.twitter.com/over___exposed",
  "website": "https://overexposed.io",
  "mediaType": "image/png",
  "Collection": "Mekanism",
  "background": "Black",
  "body Group": "Skeleton",
  "body Style": "Glass",
  "head Group": "Accordion",
  "head Style": "Clean",
  "item Group": "Boombox",
  "item Style": "Boombox",
  "source Key": "CL2-AA2-GK1-B",
  "body Variation": "Crystal Camo",
  "head Variation": "Crimson",
  "item Variation": "Pawn Shop"