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KWIC #2583
Rarity rank
TOP 32.2%
2857 / 8165
About collection
KWIC is a collection of 8,888 NFTs with a trait count exceeding 700+ unique traits. The KWIC collection is designed by multifaceted commercial street artist and gallery owner JESWRI, these artworks give you access to our online Internet Cafes.
Full metadata
  "Body": "Vyvanse Cyber",
  "Head": "Mac 8bit 4eyes",
  "Side": "Fist Right Grey",
  "name": "KWIC #2583",
  "Bling": "None",
  "image": "ipfs://QmZrYCLxJnyHuFnvEY619PS46rVkvwcDpQ1GoEcCMFGcFb",
  "Faction": "Mac Militia",
  "project": "Keyboard Warriors Internet Cafe",
  "Background": "Solid Magenta",
  "Foreground": "None",
  "Back Attachment": "Jeddsons Secretstuff",
  "Head Attachment": "None"