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Clay Nation #4501

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Clay Nation #4501
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TOP 29.2%
2917 / 10000
About collection
Clay Nation is a multidimensional ecosystem which includes a collection of 10,000 characters with algorithmically assembled, handcrafted clay traits. Each character is a 1-of-a-kind NFT, stored on the Cardano blockchain. Join Clay Nation. Celebrate unbounded individuality, bask in positivity and party in peace.
Full metadata
  "body": "White Clay",
  "eyes": "Laser Eyes",
  "name": "Clay Nation #4501",
  "brows": "Pierced Eyebrows",
  "image": "ipfs://QmThqV3mAkyefdVc2kBcigPNQA4xS4Yv2GD23bHpWYqtRQ",
  "mouth": "Tounge Out",
  "Project": "Clay Nation by Clay Mates",
  "clothes": "Tshirt Green",
  "background": "Lilac",
  "accessories": "Mushroom Earings",
  "hats and hair": "Exposed Brains"