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The Simpsons Secret #180

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The Simpsons Secret #180
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Have You Ever Wondered How “The Simpsons” Predict the Future? Then, The Simpsons Secret is the book for you. Delve into some of the biggest predictions that came true on the show, and just how the Simpsons predict the future.
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  "data": "ipfs://QmdATbbZeGgWMuni46MFxJBkB2AhnijD6CegHgS9EwtGoJ",
  "name": "The Simpsons Secret #180",
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  "authors": [
    "Lydia Poulteney",
    "James Hicks"
  "website": "https://book.io",
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    "Cover Theme": "The Simpsons Secret"
  "description": [
    "Have You Ever Wondered How 'The Simpsons' Predict the Future?"
  "extraAttributes": {
    "Book Title": "The Simpson's Secret"