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Boss Cat Rocket Club #1438

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Boss Cat Rocket Club #1438
₳ 895-
Rarity rank
TOP 4.6%
462 / 9999
About collection
Boss Cat Rocket Club is a finite supply of 9,999 algorithmically generated space bound cats living on the Cardano Blockchain. Our team of artists, programmers, game developers, NFT entrepreneurs and community managers, are all united with one common goal: to create a self-perpetuating, creatively driven, lucrative community that thrives on the collective engagement and ubiquitous proaction of its members.
Full metadata
  "Fur": "Skull",
  "Eyes": "Mystique",
  "name": "Boss Cat Rocket Club #1438",
  "Mouth": "Rat",
  "image": "ipfs://QmVuvHhYZiiTwphctCQAUZTXM3kXUVmyAzpYzKqxqYtMtp",
  "Clothes": "Joker",
  "Background": "Navy"