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EarthVault #1752

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EarthVault #1752
About collection
Each CTV EarthVault NFT represents an equal share in all reward distributions related to the ownership & active operating of an EarthNode run through Cardano Token Vault. 1200 of 2000 owned by $ctv_treasury
Full metadata
  "name": "EarthVault #1752",
  "Share": "0.05 Percent",
  "image": "ipfs://QmSRiMgiKqKFxt1fEtKAcVghN5qxCRaxBQoJE4a43FYHoM",
  "Number": "1752/2000",
  "Project": "Cardano Token Vault",
  "Twitter": "https://twitter.com/adatokenvault",
  "Website": "https://adatokenvault.com/",
  "mediaType": "image/png",
  "Collection": "CTV EarthVault",
  "Description": [
    "CTV EarthVault is a special initiative by Cardano Token Vault",
    "that will collectively own and operate one of 1,000 EarthNodes",
    "which are the brains powering the World Mobile network. Each",
    "EarthVault NFT represents an equal share in all reward",
    "distributions related to the ownership and active operating of",
    "an EarthNode"