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Ted #0173

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Ted #0173
Rarity rank
TOP 47.8%
2653 / 5555
About collection
TED Nation is not your ordinary PFP project. By focusing on community first and innovative utility, we aim to revolutionize ADA NFTs for the good. TED Nation is made for free-minded degens like you, who strive for greatness.
Full metadata
  "Eyes": "Hearts",
  "Role": "Alchemist",
  "Skin": "Golden",
  "name": "Ted #0173",
  "Mouth": "Rich Uncle",
  "files": [
      "src": "ipfs://QmRVjC4i2FXsrCCbVBrsucXCANaxVcT7e8yCvdDvPgNiaE",
      "name": "Ted #0173",
      "mediaType": "image/png"
  "image": "ipfs://QmRVjC4i2FXsrCCbVBrsucXCANaxVcT7e8yCvdDvPgNiaE",
  "BabyTed": "None",
  "Website": "https://tednation.com/",
  "Clothing": "Shoechain",
  "Spacesuit": "None",
  "mediaType": "image/png",
  "Background": "Pink",
  "Eye Accessory": "None",
  "Head Accessory": "None"