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Wyatt Tornadochaser

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Wyatt Tornadochaser
Rarity rank
TOP 47.2%
1574 / 3333
About collection
Step into the captivating world of "The Warthogs Brigade," an extraordinary collection of 3,333 meticulously hand-drawn artworks that will transport you to the heart of military valor and camaraderie.
Full metadata
  "Body": "War Wound",
  "Eyes": "Reading Glass",
  "Head": "Camouflage_black Bandana",
  "Item": "Machete",
  "Rank": "Private",
  "name": "Wyatt Tornadochaser",
  "Chain": "Dog Tag",
  "Mouth": "Happy",
  "Strap": "Frying Pan",
  "files": [
      "src": "ipfs://QmVXkX57w4fC9F8m35vRitjwmRaJzzZSD9F9ZNWrJhTGzf",
      "name": "Wyatt Tornadochaser.png",
      "mediaType": "image/png"
  "image": "ipfs://QmVXkX57w4fC9F8m35vRitjwmRaJzzZSD9F9ZNWrJhTGzf",
  "Outfit": "Samurai",
  "Back Item": "Katana",
  "mediaType": "image/png",
  "Background": "White",
  "Description": "Conquer, Earn, Collect! Explore the world of RISK!"