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Ikigai #1510

NFT image
Ikigai #1510
Rarity rank
TOP 39.2%
1959 / 4900
About collection
The Book of Ikigai is a collection of 5,000 unique anime NFTs minted on the Cardano blockchain. Every holder will gain access to the world of The Book of Ikigai, an immersive universe of art and lore. Secondary market sales support the Ikigai Treasury.
Full metadata
  "Back": "None",
  "Eyes": "Navy",
  "Face": "Face Mask",
  "Head": "Blonde Shaved Pixie",
  "Type": "Human",
  "name": "Ikigai #1510",
  "image": "ipfs://QmfJ8FPUbJANPtY8ppRt5pxLjQtm1P38xygTvkyc4Brdbz",
  "artist": "TETSUO",
  "Clothes": "Blue Jacket with Scarf",
  "Utility": "None",
  "discord": "https://discord.gg/thebookofikigai",
  "twitter": "https://twitter.com/IkigaiCNFT",
  "Earrings": "None",
  "Handheld": "Candy",
  "mediaType": "image/png",
  "Background": "Off White 2",
  "collection": "The Book of Ikigai"