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Paralis the Elvaedri of Yubin

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Paralis the Elvaedri of Yubin
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10.000 NFT HEROES ROAM THE VICIOUS WORLD OF TYRRHA. COLLECT, EARN AND ROLEPLAY ON THE CARDANO BLOCKCHAIN. While the regime of the Duxa Empire rules the oxygen deprived world of Tyrrha with an iron fist, a young Hadaki miner discovers a mystical device that sets him on a path that could change the fate of his people.
Full metadata
  "name": "Paralis the Elvaedri of Yubin",
  "Stats": {
    "Faith": "12",
    "Speed": "16",
    "Stamina": "32",
    "Strength": "37"
  "image": "ipfs://QmNpTH5p5Dh5Je96hV3674LvD6vh6xsZ5i2CstXEadh7yj",
  "Twitter": "https://twitter.com/ChainsofWarNFT",
  "Website": "https://chainsofwar.io/",
  "Attributes": {
    "Sex": "Male",
    "Body": "Swift Guardian",
    "Eyes": "Vertical Pupils Yellow",
    "Glow": "None",
    "Hair": "Pine Shaved Side",
    "Chest": "Full Elvaedra's Armor",
    "Class": "Warrior",
    "Origin": "Yubin",
    "Species": "Elvae",
    "Weapons": "None",
    "Trinkets": "Amber Oxygen Mask",
    "Background": "Evergreen"