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Neo Viking #1685

NFT image
Neo Viking #1685
Rarity rank
TOP 14.4%
259 / 1800
About collection
Neo Vikings is a collection of 1,800 NFTs representing pride and power on the Cardano blockchain. Our collection is not only art but also provides access to mining rewards and reimagining the P2E industry.
Full metadata
  "Body": "Icy",
  "Eyes": "Emerald",
  "Face": "Smile Light Blond",
  "Head": "Black Durag",
  "Luck": "None",
  "Wear": "Blue TeamSuit",
  "name": "Neo Viking #1685",
  "Beard": "Respirator",
  "Brows": "None",
  "Hands": "Neo Rings",
  "image": "ipfs://Qme9p2KE7o87ioKmhQ1MMfqFDEKiJJHoYF26dg2U4K2g8b",
  "Discord": "https://discord.gg/MyProject",
  "Twitter": "https://twitter.com/MyProject",
  "Website": "https://myproject.com",
  "Entourage": "Raven",
  "mediaType": "image/png",
  "Background": "Polar Lights",
  "Face Paint": "Implant 4",
  "description": "A part of the New Edda.",
  "Head Accessories": "None"