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Trybbles - Series One - Emoko 202/250 - 03/10

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Trybbles - Series One - Emoko 202/250 - 03/10
About collection
Trybbles are the first NFT series by New Mindflow. The project is much more than highly polished images of cute, fluffy and adorable characters - the Trybbles story will take you to 2269, where you, as a community, will start uncovering an immersive and entertaining story revealing itself through these Cardano NFTs for the first time.
Full metadata
  "name": "Trybbles - Series One - Emoko 202/250 - 03/10",
  "site": "https://www.trybbles.com",
  "type": "Emoko 202/250",
  "image": "ipfs://QmVEBRdAj3LpmJv2adyRUApJAw9da3q55xYfzXRDsqgWxX",
  "site2": "https://www.newmindflow.com",
  "artist": "New Mindflow",
  "rarity": "Rare",
  "traits": {
    "Fur": "Golden",
    "Eyes": "Dark Purple",
    "Color": "Sunset Cream",
    "Emotion": "Neutral"
  "twitter": "https://twitter.com/trybbles",
  "twitter2": "https://twitter.com/newmindflow",
  "copyright": "Copyright New Mindflow 2021",
  "collection": "Series One",
  "description": "Calm. You will be calm."