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153 Atwell Avenue, GR35 B64

NFT image
153 Atwell Avenue, GR35 B64
Rarity rank
TOP 4.5%
444 / 10000
About collection
Cabins are 3D High Resolution Customizable Rooms with functionality. Purchase & Upgrade Frames with the $SOCIETY token. Add utility and aesthetic designs by buying tables, chairs, floors, billiards tables, gramophones, and more. Advertise your brand or something you are part of through your cabin.
Full metadata
  "name": "153 Atwell Avenue, GR35 B64",
  "rate": "0.07",
  "files": [
      "src": "ipfs://QmSgQ3Fu7ZNEqFsEu3HfEvh65gnuYTBM5UtYcARRuSpnHE",
      "name": "Chateau.gif",
      "mediaType": "image/gif"
      "src": "ipfs://QmbyKxhiGA2TMyJYr6wgP3sHSNavpf35mZrCya2RvgaP5P",
      "name": "Chateau.mp4",
      "mediaType": "video/mp4"
      "src": "ipfs://QmVLkR52JwV3YVyZr2KJtYhmpPp1vfEkdPPqzPJE1MmSjm",
      "name": "Chateau.png",
      "mediaType": "image/png"
  "image": "ipfs://QmSgQ3Fu7ZNEqFsEu3HfEvh65gnuYTBM5UtYcARRuSpnHE",
  "Street": "Atwell Avenue",
  "District": "Grolt",
  "mediaType": "image/gif",
  "Cabin Size": "Chateau",
  "SLVD Rating": "B",
  "description": "A Chateau in The Ape Society",
  "X Coordinate": "35",
  "Y Coordinate": "64"