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Filthy Rich Horse #01871

NFT image
Filthy Rich Horse #01871
Rarity rank
TOP 35.4%
2655 / 7500
About collection
Diamond Hooves is an NFT collection of 7500 Immortal horses. Divided into six families, players compete in strategic gameplay within regions to acquire resources and improve their stables for racing and other in-game advantages.
Full metadata
  "name": "Filthy Rich Horse #01871",
  "image": "ipfs://QmWsyD6PbkSbgtJeduXTXmMVjjgU3JvjAn323kg8nxay8v",
  "project": "Filthy Rich Horses",
  "twitter": "https://twitter.com/FRHorses",
  "website": "https://www.filthyrichhorses.com/",
  "mediaType": "image/png",
  "attributes": {
    "Fur": "Chocolate Pinto",
    "Eyes": "Elite Fury",
    "Mane": "London Cloak",
    "Mouth": "Caked Up",
    "Attire": "Red Jacket",
    "Backdrop": "2nd Racing Green",
    "Headwear": "Prince’s Tweed",
    "Neckwear": "Golden Chocker"
  "collection": "Filthy Rich Horses"