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Our smart contract

In order to write a really good smart contract that is universal, modern, secure, serves the whole community and finally contributes to de-monopolization, we have spent a huge amount of energy and resources to make the best possible result.

Our programmers may be geniuses, but it's human to be wrong, which is why we've been working with industry leaders for a long time, and that's the Crypto team at Vacuumlabs.

vacuumlabs powered

You either know or use work powered by Vacuumlabs - starting with Adalite, Nu.Fi, WingRiders, etc.

Furthermore, the Vacuumlabs audit team stood by us not only in the actual design of the smart contract, but also in the final graduation, i.e. internal auditing of all the code.

Vacuumlabs with Jamonbread

Smart contracts covered:

  • Buy/Sell
  • Offer
  • Treasury

The audit team did not disappoint and for the sake of interest and transparency we present a few of their findings that helped us make these Smart Contracts as durable as possible:

  • Double satisfaction can lead to stealing from a treasury
  • Treasuries can be locked forever
  • Negative price can be used to decrease the price of an NFT and possibly also steal from a treasury
  • WithdrawFees with Address authorization requires a new UTxO
  • Withdrawing fees changes the staking key to that of the first treasury input

Why internal audit and not just “audit” ?

Vacuumlabs developers coded the SC. Therefore VL is in conflict of interests and cannot perform an audit of the smart contract. However, they performed the same checks as they would during a regular audit.

Are you interested in more?

Check our gitbook documentation.