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Cornucopias NFT2Tree Series Two 2022

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Cornucopias NFT2Tree Series Two 2022
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The Cornucopias NFT2Tree is a unique and environmentally conscious way to bridge the gap between the Metaverse and real life! Cornucopias is helping to lead the restorative economy by partnering with veritree, a restorative project that recently planted 1,001,000 trees with the help of the Cardano Foundation! The veritree project has a long history of planting trees across the globe in an effort to sequester CO2 from our atmosphere, and restore locations that have been devastated by deforestation. veritree uses a suite of tools to verify tree planting efforts, then publishes the planting data on chain. Minting trees on Cardano assures that the trees cannot be double counted. Once our Senegal trees have been planted, we will have our very own veritree webpage where we can monitor the growth and statistics of our forest! Additionally, every penny earned from secondary royalties will be allocated to planting additional trees in The Cornucopias Forest!

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