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CardanBroz - Season 1

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CardanBroz - Season 1
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This project is receiving 9% royalties which goes to the creator with each sale
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10Floor price (ADA)
591.8Volume (ADA)
Items: 499
Owners: 94
Floor price (ADA): 10
Volume (ADA): 591.8

We are a community driven project with merch shop on the way. Want to build up our online shop to become profitable then use profits for passive income to holders (building up a store to be profitable isn't just a random promise I'm making, I've built up 4 online shopify stores from ground up to be profitable monthly of 5k-12k USD each) Looking into staking utility to our NFTs as well.

Offer can be accepted with any NFT from this collection
This website is no longer valid.