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Raison D'etre - Cryo-Genesis

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Raison D'etre - Cryo-Genesis
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This project is receiving 5% royalties which goes to the creator with each sale
₳ 15Floor price
₳ 352.1KVolume
Items: 1,000
Owners: 300
Floor price: ₳ 15
Volume: ₳ 352.1K

Raison D’etre is a Cardano-based art exploration project on conceptual and philosophical ideas, which is then expressed through 3D visuals and story narrations. The project consists of 1,000 NFTs in the Genesis Collection, which will serve as a token for perks and benefits for upcoming collections. The project aims to touch on the human condition and its translation into the ever-evolving tech around them, providing insight into an idea of a world “plagued” with technology.

Offer can be accepted with any NFT from this collection