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The Deadly Sins

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The Deadly Sins
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Since the dawn of time an eternal war has been waged between Demons and Angels. The 7 Deadly Sins have been ordered to expand their Empire of Darkness into the "Overworld" by their leader, Hades. Pick a Deadly Sin to follow, earn $ETERNAL, and do your part in the battle against the Angels. We will be building a virtual 3D plot known as Hell’s House where our community will be able to interact with one another in a hellish setting. We will also have interactive games such as Ritual Poker and many more!. These games will rely on your ability to outsmart and out skill your opponents for the chance to win the prize pool ! Hell’s House will be our main location where we’ll host Community events, Personality meetups, Major announcements, Phantom VIP rooms & ‘Special Giveaways’. Our verified holders will have exclusive access to all of these and much more!

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