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The Lurkers

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The Lurkers
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25Floor price (ADA)
10.6KVolume (ADA)
Items: 998
Owners: 270
Floor price (ADA): 25
Volume (ADA): 10.6K

The Lurkers are the first drop by nambie NFT. A collection of 5,010 High quality 3D artworks, created by a VFX industry veteran of 10 years. 1 Lurker Is you ticket to win an animated version of your lurker through the comunity Discord. The lurkers are mysterious beings, based on nambies childhood imaginary friends. Future drops will unlock their past and future, via interactive experiences. Make sure you own a Lurker to gain access to this story. There are also 10 "ULTIMATES". Can you find one? They are extremely rare and lead you to something special..

Offer can be accepted with any NFT from this collection
This website is no longer valid.