What are the fees?
The JamOnBread smart contract has a trading fee of 2.5%. It is essential to highlight that the profits from trading are distributed fairly among all participants.
What is our roadmap?
We have a clear vision for the features we intend to develop. However, we also work hard on the most requested features from our community, allowing us to expedite their implementation
How to buy and sell my first NFT?
It only takes four steps even if you are first timer. 1 Create a Wallet, 2. Buy ADA to have some in your wallet, 3. Connect your wallet with JAM ON BREAD marketplace, 3. Buy NFT.
How to connect my wallet?
Click on Connect Wallet, which is located in the top right corner. Click on install and follow the prompts. Click the link below to read our article that summarizes the process.
How to list my own artwork?
Contact us on [email protected] if your collection has already been minted. Listing NFTs for sale on our Smart Contract starts very soon.
Are you decentralized?
Yes, we are using state-of-art scripts to process transactions in a decentralized way. We are a non-custodial marketplace.